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Happy Belated Birthday PaPa bear!

Awww Nicki Minaj celebrated her son second birthday. She took to Instagram to share pictures from the party! Her son is so handsome. The party was at their home and it was a minions theme.

Family friends came together for games and fun . they had a bouncy house paint station and so much more. Papa bear look like he had a blast. Papa Bear’s birthday is September 30, 2020, but she recently shared pictures with us this month.

The party of extraordinary to say the least! Family and friends came to celebrate the wonderful life of Papa!

PaPa Bear is so handsome and smart. He’s full of life and overall a happy baby. He’s the boss of the house lol. Strong minded and determined, when they were setting up for the party he kept trying to get outside. Happy birthday and many more! We love you.

Check out more pictures from the party below! As well as pictures of Papa.

**All Photos are from Nicki Minaj’s instagram**

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