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Happy Birthday Boosie

Happy 41st Birthday Boosie!!!! Boosie born as Torrence Ivy Hatch Jr. in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Boosie started his career in the 90s but had his break through in the 2000s when he signed to Trill Entertainment “For my Thugs” in 2002. Since then Boosie has released 13 solo studio albums, 7 collaborative albums and 44 Mixtapes! Boosie is a legend hip hop. Boosie and Webbie has multiple hit together and still is the best Rap Duo Hip Hop has seen. You can play their music and still get the party going!

Not only is Boosie a real raw uncut artist that gets the people going he also creates movies! Boosie has stared in multiple different projects and directed his own movies on his official website. Boosie has produced multiple projects such as My Struggle, Where’s MJ, No Honor or Loyalty or Love and Water Boyz.

Boosie is know for his controversial comments but overall is a good man. Boosie speaks his mind and unfortunately not everyone agrees. Boosie did open up and say anger management has helped him a lot in his journey. He’s learning to not have high expectations for people and take them as they are.

Boosie is a wonderful father to his children. He teaches them about loyalty, love and respect. Not only does he take care of his children. Boosie also cares his friends that have unfortunately passed away children too. Prayers to their children and family.

Boosie’s life have been publicized in the limelight but it hasn’t always be glamorous. In 2009, Hatch was sentenced to four years in prison on drug and gun charges. In 2010, he was indicted on first-degree murder, and was also sentenced to 10 years on multiple charges of drug possessionwith intent of distribution.[3] In 2012, he was found not guilty of murder. After serving 5 years in prison for drug charges, Hatch was released early on March 5, 2014. (Google)

Boosie’s legal troubles and his health has always making headlines! Boosie is Gods favorite and blessed because no matter what obstacles he faces, he always overcame them. Boosie is a Hip Hop legend! His hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. He’s still selling out shows and his music old and new is still popping! Set off, wipe me down, No Juice, Smoking on Purple, Nasty, Mind of Maniac and many more classic songs. Boosie could out rap most rappers out now!

Happy Birthday and many more! Boosie is finally getting his recognition for his contribution to Hip Hop! Boosie was invited to perform at the 2023 Grammy Awards. He was apart of the 50th Years of Hip Hop anniversary performance! Go bad ass! We love you! Your real fans will always stick beside you.

Boosie ability to smile through his pain and still help others is amazing. Boosie says he’s at a space where he’s enjoying life. Boosie Boosie Is building a whole community for his family. The Boosie estate was already ther but now he’s added apartments for his children in the back. Boosie is literally building his own community on his land. Multiple pools, basketball courts, drive in movies and more.

Happy birthday baby and many more! Boosie recently open up about his celebrity crush being Chole Bailey. She said she’s a goddess! Boosie keep being yourself! He has a new movie out as well, he’s doing shows around the world! Boosie’s a hustler and they can’t take that from him. Happy Birthday Boo!

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