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Happy Birthday Cardi B

Happy birthday beautiful. Y’all know I love Cardi B. She’s raw, authentic and don’t give a fuck! My type of person. Lol

We met Cardi as an up and coming artist on Love and Hip hop. We watched many people doubt her abilities. Her uncut and wild mouth was always unpredictable. Haters would say she wouldn’t amount to anything but a stripper. Her determination proved them all wrong! 

Cardi B is still making hits, such as ”Hot Shit ft Kanye West and Lil Baby”. All while supporting other up and coming artist. She recently top the charts with her feature with Glorilla’s Tomorrow 2 ft Cardi B. The song is the number one trending on Youtube and number one on Apple Music. Glorilla was on stage and partying with Cardi.

The theme this year was Show Girl for Cadri’s Dirty 30 extravaganza!

Cardi B is now one of the biggest, hottest influential artists! She showed us her political skills this past election. Bringing awareness to voters and did guest speaking on shows. I personally love her because of her story. She came from “nothing” and made her dreams a reality. Even when obstacles came her way she didn’t give up. 

Even when the closest people to her stop believing in her and walked away she stayed down. Bodak yellow was her hit song! She sampled Kodak’s blacks beat and made a hit lady’s could turn up too. Till this day I say that’s her best song.

Cardi is now living her dreams. Doing music with top artists such as Beyoncé. Walking red carpets, to performing at shows, fashion week you name it they want her in attendance! That just goes to show you should follow your dreams even if no one sees the vision! 

She’s now a wife and mother of five. Traveling the world, living life, turning up and creating a future for her family. She’s showed us how strong and confident she is. Remember never allow anyone to stop you! Many people won’t see your worth just make sure your not one of them.

Happy Birthday! Keep being your raw uncut self! That’s why we love her! She never had a issue showing us the real her! Before the fame and money, shit even after she’s still the same just better. Many blessings to you and your family.


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