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Happy Birthday Jay Z

Happy Birthday to artists and billionaire Jay Z! Jay turned 51 years old today! Jay is a very private person. He doesn’t t even have social media!

Jay Z had been in the industry for years! His music talent is so great he’s labeled as one of the greatest. Lyrically he can beat just about any one! His business mind set is what has kept him in the game for so long. Jay made business moves that Secured his future. Making him a billionaire.

Not only is he a great business man he’s also a great husband. He’s been married to the beautiful Beyoncé since 2008! Their marriage had its ups and downs but who’s relationship hasn’t! The two have three beautiful children together as well. So add wonder father to the list.

Happy birthday again Jay! I’m sure you’re loving it up on one of your private island somewhere while the kids play!

With Bey in a sexy two piece! Omg I know he love his life! Happy Born day and many more!

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