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Happy birthday Kulture!

Happy birthday Princess Kulture. Her birthday party was fit for a princess. Her parents didn’t miss a beat. Check out the pictures from the party below.
Y’all know I love Cardi B and her family. Kulture is a beautiful girl. We watched her learn to walk, talk and just be a fly kid!

Kulture rode up in a beautiful Horse and carriage. From there she rode a pony to the front door. She’s truly a princess! She had live princesses and trumpet players. This whole party was very lavish. Ball pits, slides, tons of candy! I big story book party fit for a princess. Cardi and Offset made sure her birthday was over the top.

Cardi Invited all their family and friends. The party was held in New York. The party was beautiful and from the look of the videos everyone had a ball. Offset even danced with Cardi B’s grandmother. I’m happy the two made their family work! Love always win! Happy birthday and many more. Congratulations on becoming as big sister.

Photo credit Cardi bs Instagram page and story. Star’s Instagram and Jason Lee’s Instagram page

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