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Happy Birthday Micah Dixon

Happy Birthday Micah Dixon! She recently turn 33 on May 18,2023. Micah is a radio personality on Z107.9 on Cleveland’s hottest radio station! I remember listening to her show and always feeling inspired. She so dope! She’s my favorite radio personality.

Micah has a radio show called The Micah Dixon show. Ms. Dixon is hard working and all for her people. She’s big on mental health awareness. She a mental health activist. She’s had mental health events that provided resources to those struggling with mental illness.

Outside of being one of the best radio personality Micah is a mother to two handsome boys. A loving, caring mother who encourages black men to be the best they can be! Breaking the stereotypes placed upon our people.

Micah describes herself as optimistic, and energetic. She lives life to the fullest. You can listen to her show Monday Thur Thursday 10am to 3pm. Micah was born in Detroit Michigan but raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She started her radio career in 2015 at Z107.9. She later took a position in Columbus Ohio. Where her show did amazing! Her show was top 3 in the radio market! She build her brand from the ground up and then returned to Cleveland.

Happy 33rd Birthday Micah! You look gorgeous! I had the opportunity to meet her once and she was so nice and genuine. I pray you get everything you deserve. Continue to be the light that others need to keep going. Tell my favorite radio personality happy birthday!

Happy birthday and many blessings!!!!

photos from her Instagram: thedopedixon (the dope Dixon)

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