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Happy Birthday Nicki Minaj

Happy Birthday to Nicki Minaj! She gave fans what they’ve been waiting for! Pink Friday 2 The album was released last night and is already doing numbers. Nicki’s has fans going wild over the highly anticipated album.

Nicki took a step back to be a mother and wife. She wanted to enjoy motherhood and marriage. But you can’t run from your passion! She was back in the studio working. The album was scheduled to release a few weeks ago but she thought her birthday would be the best gift!

22 Tracks of pouring out her heart, telling fans about her transition to motherhood and being a wife. Why she chose to marry her husband despite his past. She spoke on the rap game and still letting other female artists that “y’all still her son” lol Nicki popped her shit!
She also thank God for everything as well. Giving her strength to use her God given gifts to create and be a voice for the people.

Nicki has always been talented! She’s finally giving herself her flowers! Calling her power back! Living at peace and in her truth. She’s the Pink Print. The reason why other female artist can show up
unapologetically themselves. During her career she had a lot of pressure to look, act and move a certain way. She opened doors for so many. She opened up about being at peace with her life and making admins with herself and the industry. You can’t take away her influence on Hip Hops Culture…..

She’s Back!!!!!! Nicki brought a mix of underground Nicki that people fell in love with! Mixed with mainstream Nicki, pop Nicki etc! She’s so versatile she can slide on any beat! Have you listened to the album yet? What’s your favorite song so far? I know y’all have y’all captions ready for them pictures! Lol

Happy Birthday Nicki and many more blessings! Stream Pink Friday 2 now!!!!

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