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Happy Birthday Nicki Minaj

Happy Birthday Nicki Minaj! Real name Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty will be celebrating her birthday today. Nicki stole our hearts years ago! A legend in the industry.

Nickis lyrics and dramatic outfits caught our a attention. The way she told stories through her lyrics were captivating. Smart, beautiful, outgoing and always standing out.

Nicki recently celebrated her 10 year anniversary for the “Pink Print”. Nicki has blessed many stages and worked with many artists. She works hard. Earning multiple awards over the years. She was able to get married and she had a baby this year!

Although we found out about her pregnancy very late there was speculations! During a video shoot her belly was showing! She had not yet revealed her handsome boy but she says he’s healthy.

Happy Birthday again Nicki and may you be blessed with many more! Nicki is very successful icon. An inspiration to many. Everything she touches is a success. From her fragrance line, Queen Radio, Fendy clothing line and her music.

Happy birthday Queen..

Now can we see the baby! Know his name something! Lol being in the media industry you want some privacy. So enjoy your baby and man.

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