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Happy Birthday Take-Off

Happy Heavenly Birthday to Take-Off. Known for being a amazing artist and apart of the group Migos. Unfortunately Take-Off’s life was taking a few months ago at an event gone wrong. His family and friends celebrated his life with a family cookout and lantern release.

Fans were so happy to see Quavo and Off-Set talking at the event. Pier to his passing the group had broken up and none of them were on speaking terms. During the last award show Quavo paid tribute to Take-Off and his camp didn’t allow Off-Set to come on stage. It looks like the two have squashed their differences for Take-Off. We love to see it! Family is everything and it’s sad to see the group split up.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Take-Off! Sending love and healing to your family, friends and fans.

Migos contribution to the hip-hop industry will live on. Take-Off had a unique style of artistry. He could rap using sounds only and still make sense. The Migos brought a new sound to the music industry. A sound that can’t be duplicated. Long Live Take Off.

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