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Have no fear your second stimulus check is near!

Have NO FEAR YOUR SECOND STIMULUS CHECK is near! According to CBSnews Congress has until Friday to make a decision. The unemployment rates are overly high! People are trying to figure out how they’ll pay their rent. How to feed their families and much more!

The United States has been dealing with coronavirus since March of this year and people have no understanding. The people has no understanding on how the Congress can allow the world to get to this point. Financially EVERYONE is struggling unless your rich!

Many people are still out of work or playing catch-up from being unemployed for months. Although unemployment was available not ever American was able to get unemployment! Bills are overdue and evection notices have been issued! For months thousands of Americans struggled to pay their monthly expenses. Many landlords still wanted their monthly payments even through the world is in a crisis. Bills are no longer on hold and people are receiving shut off notices.

Electoral president Joe Biden stated that this is only a piece of the relief bill. He claims the $600 or $1200 is supposed to hold everyone off until next year, then they’ll create another relief plan. Unfortunately many Americans don’t have that long!

Congress has taken months to figure a relief plan and for thousands this could be the last hope. Not to mention this stimulus check will only give $600 to single people VS the $1200 from before. The $1200 this time around with be for two parent households. Honestly the stimulus check won’t cover people’s monthly expenses but I’m sure everyone is will to take ANY help they can get.

Check out the full news report from CBS News below by clicking the link! Prayers to everyone… only thing that can save us is God or a higher power…

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