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Have you Voted yet?

The 2020 Presidential Election is five days away and history will soon be made. Donald Trump and Joe Biden are fighting for America. Lol We watched the debates and heard the speech’s now it’s time for America to decide who will be our next President.

People are voting at their polling locations, and by mail. If you are voting by mail your ballot must be in by November 2nd. We all have the right as Americans to allow our voices to be heard by voting! We all know the hardships our ancestors endured for us to be able to vote! Whether you agree or disagree with the candidates pick someone who matches your views best.

Don’t forget in addition to the Presidential Election will are also voting on local candidates as well. Your judges, Mayors, Congress people and more! I added a link for voting information for Ohio. You can look at the different local candidates so you don’t leave anything blank on your ballot….

Click me….

Thank you to everyone who has giving their life for us to vote and never forget God has the last say so in our life….

Don’t forget to weak your mask!

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