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He doesn’t want more kids because you got fat!

Omg tonight Love And Hip Hop had another juicy episode of LAHH unlocked. It’s multiple cast members from different Love and Hip Hop shows. Two guest tonight was Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena. The topic of children came up!

Now the Samuel’s have a beautiful daughter! Erica has a older son from a previous relationship and their daughter together. Erica wants more children it Safaree is not here for it! According to Safaree Erica gained a lot of weight after giving birth. Even so much as mentioning her stomach size after birth & allegedly calling her fat!

Although Erica lost the baby weight and looks great! Safaree still doesn’t want more children. During the clip he even told her to get a surrogate!

what’s your thoughts? Was Safaree wrong? Should their be a “time limit” on when a woman should lose weight after giving birth? Could this break a relationship? Check out the full clip and tell me your thoughts


video clip; VH1s Love and Hip Hop

pictures: Erica & Safaree Instagram page!

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