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How y’all feel about Men being able to have babies!

How do y’all feel about men being able to have a baby!? We live in a very different times. Technology and science are so advanced it’s giving people opportunities outside of our normal biological functions.

I came across an article that a man successfully had a baby via his rectal. (Ass) And I want to know how do you all feel? Is this a slap in the face to women? Will it now allow same sex couples to have their “own family”? Do you feel scientist have gone to far? Some would say after this we’re in our last days after reading this.

Here’s a piece of the story according to The State Online “

“James Bent, 37, received donated ovaries from his sister, Leila Bent, 32, which were later successfully transplanted into his rectum and which enabled the anal birth to occur.

“I am so grateful to my sister, and to God, for making this natural birth a reality not only for us but for the millions of male same-sex couples which will follow in our path,” James Bent told reporters in tears.

The world’s first successful rectal-ovary transplant was performed at the California Hospital Medical Center’s surgery department in Los Angeles under the supervision of Dr. Peter Krisnawasti.

“This medical procedure will not only be useful to male same-sex couples but also to heterosexual couples where the male partner wishes to experience the process of pregnancy for himself,” Dr. Peter Krisnawasti told reporters.

what’s your thought? Bent thanking God for the opportunity to have a child yet God never created a man to reproduce. And at the end when it said “ it’ll give heterosexual men the opportunity to experience child birth”. I’ll leave my personal opinion out of this. I would like to know who’s paying for these procedures. Are people’s taxes dollars funding these operations? Do each couple pay out of pocket? Is this covered by a health care provider? It’s crazy how we don’t have universal healthcare But funding this….

photo credit: Google & The State Online & piece of information from them as well

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