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I get it from my momma!

I get it from my momma! Puma posted a nice back shot photo of her and momma Erykah Badu. They both look amazing! It was giving body. Some fans loved it and others not so much! Some fans felt it was very inappropriate to post as a mom. The pants are from the collection of a high fashion designer, by the name of Tlzlfemme.

Both women fill out the pants very well and their ass looked nice! Puma later posted on her Instagram that she’s the one who posted the picture. She took full responsibility so people could hush up and stop coming at her mom disrespectful.

What were your thought? Puma is 18 years of age. She’s also done modeling and she was blessed with her moms genes people can’t be mad thick thighs and big butts run in the family lol.

Below is the original post that got people pants in a bunch. What’s your thoughts?

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