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If he had one wish… awww how cute

Aww their so adorable! Lil Durk says all he wants for his birthday this year is to get married to India and have a son!

Durk posted a picture of him and Ms. India Royal and told fans he’s ready for marriage and a baby boy. His birthday is actually coming up Oct.19th, y’all think he’s getting his wish?

The two stared dating in 2017 and was engaged a year later. The wedding got put on hold so the two could prepare for baby Willow. Their beautiful baby was born and since India snapped back Durk is ready to walk down the aisle and have baby number two.

Together they have seven children. They share one beautiful baby girl (Willow). India has a beautiful daughter named Skylar from a previous relationship. Durk has five beautiful children from his previous relationships.

Awww Daddy Durk & Willow napping.

Do you think they’ll let us see their wedding? Durk is private about his personal life only showing fans just enough lol. Congratulations to you both. He’s such a gangster and a gentleman best of both worlds. Many blessings

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