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“Im single but we go together” Yung Miami

Im single but we go together! Yung Miami made it very clear to Diddy during their interview on Creasha Please Podcast on ReVolt Tv Via YouTube. The show aired today and the topics got very spicy. The two came to clear up the rumors of them dating, to talk about love, marriage, children and more!

Caresha revealed this was her first time interviewing anyone and it was a pleasure to have Diddy. Caresha asked Diddy about his personal life as a father after losing Kim Porter. His grieving process and how he’s healing. Diddy revealed how he cried daily for three months and how her death still affects him to this day. Diddy also said he was “ready to love again” and thats when she came for the smoke and got into their personal tea!

The two laughed and joked the whole time. Giving fans the inside scope of their love life. How they first met, their first date and their vacation to LOVE Island. Diddy however did say he was single, and dating. Cresha however says even though Diddy’s single THEY GO TOGETHER, period.

The show was great, very natural and real. They didnt come off as scripted, Yung Miami says her show will be raw and uncut filled with real life topics.

The two made it very clear they are having fun, enjoying life, being happy and getting to the money, honey! They referred to themselves as the wining team! Check out the full interview below and see Diddy’s reaction to Rap Freaks by Yung Miami. Whats next for these two and more!

Diddy kept a Smile on her face the whole time. Love to see them happy.

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