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Is U.S Currency Losing Value?

Is United States losing its currency value? Although many media outlets have not reported it yet many Americans are starting to worry. According to my research the Chinese Yuan currency recently was used the MOST when trading in Russia REPLACING the U.S dollar. This is the first time this has happened but could it be the last? Could America lose their trading power? Will the U.S dollar be replaced? Will the change of currency value create a power shift of nations?

President Putin wants the Yuan Currency to be used worldwide during trading between Asian, African and Latin countries. This would replace the U.S as the trading currency. Yuan took over in the monthly trading volume, causing a shift in currency dependence.

Leaders of multiple different countries have United together and created a partnership. Saudi Arabia has already cut ties with the United States for economic independence. The allegedly plan to reduce the Oil production by 1.6 Million barrels per day to maintain market stability. They’re also apart of this new found partnership. The group plans to strengthen the connections with China through partnership.

So what does this mean for the American people? I’ll keep you updated when I find out more information. Life as we know could be changing right under our nose. President Joe Biden needs to create a plan to put America back on top. Who knows how that power shift will affect our economy. Americans are already facing economic hardship. The price of gas is up and will continue to grow especially if they cut down our oil supply. Food prices are at a high and growing. The cost of living has increased but peoples pay rates have stayed the same. Reports showed we are in a recession with no improvement.

Prayers for our People

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