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Jayland Walkers killers will NOT be Charged!

Prayers to the Jayland Walker family! The eight police officers in his case will NOT be charged! The family and community of Akron found out today that “a special grand jury” that included six women and three men returned a NO-Bill into the Summit County Courts. The “NO-BILL” verdict basically means the jury found the actions of the officers were justified. I’m not sure how being shoot over 46 times with more than 90 shoots fired is justifiable but this is AmeriKKK!

According to a report from The Akron Beacon Journal;

“The jurors heard five days of evidence and testimony and then began their deliberations Monday. Yost called a press conference to announce the decision at 3:30 p.m. Monday. 

“Most of officer-involved shootings involve an officer or perhaps an officer and a partner. It is unusual although hardly unprecedented to have this many officers firing their weapon at the same time at a single subject. The sheer number of shots is one of the things that makes the video so hard to watch…That being said, it is critical to remember that Mr. Walker had fired on the police, and that he shot first,”

The name of the officers involved have been withheld from the public. Many people of Akron are scared! How can you feel safe when the police are the murders? Praying for the Walker family and the community of Akron. I’m not sure what’s next but they people are unhappy and the trust for the police has died.

To read the full details of the jury’s verdict click the link below.

Click the link

Again prayers to the Walker family. We’ll always say his name!

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