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Jeezy sits down with Nia Long

Jeezy sat down with the beautiful Nia Long and open up about everything. His childhood trauma. The lack of love he received from his mother. Why he choose the street life even though he grew up in the church with his grandmother. Growing as a man and why he filed for divorce.

Jeezy opened up about being molested by a female babysitter. Discounting from his self do to trauma and not feeling protected by his mother. He revealed at age 13 his mother pulled a gun on him threatening to take him out this world. Throughout the years of his life always trying to prove to his mother he was worthy of her love.

The conversation got deep! Jeezy explained why he was young and wild in the beginning of his career. He spoke on what made him transition from a street dude to a business man. He knew he had so much influence he wanted to empower his people instead of being part of their despise.

One thing that stood out on the interview was when Jeezy said “As black people we need to understand every conversation is not a agreement.” Jeezy has a new album out now and a best selling book! I don’t want to give away the interview but it was amazing. Nia and Jeezy seemed like two friends talking unpacking their trauma and healing together.

check out the full interview below

Jeezy and Nia Long conversation

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