You are currently viewing Joe Biden’s signs multiple executive orders…

Joe Biden’s signs multiple executive orders…

Today is Joe’s first day in office and he got to work immediately. President Joe Biden signed multiple executive orders this morning.

Joe’s first 100 days in office he wants to focus major issues such as Covid-19. Joe plans to take control of the pandemic by going a “100 Day Masking Challenge”. Joe wants a nationwide face mask and social distancing mandate in all Federal buildings, federal land and its employees/contractors.

Coronavirus has taking millions of life’s worldwide. We have to wear mask every where we go and some people want to know will this ever end.

Immigration was also on the list of executive orders signed this morning. Joe signed off to defend the “Dreamers organization”z it’s a program for undocumented young Americans.

Many whom came here as a child yet never became a citizen. The order is to grant permanent status and create a path towards citizenship to people in the Dreamers Program.

According to CBS news it’s almost a million undocumented people living in America! The order also called to END the “Muslim travel ban” that was in place with Trump was in office.

To see all executive orders that were sign click the link below! Thank you…

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Information from: CBS News

pictures from: Google

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