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Joseline’s Cabaret Reunion Recap!

Joseline’s Cabaret Reunion part 1 aired this previous Sunday. The reunion was held in New York.The show was hosted by Janiesha and Jess hilarious. Before the lady’s hit the stage things got heated! A fight broke out back stage during hair and makeup!

While Spin was getting her hair done she expressed to Holiday that she felt like was mean during the season. Spin stated how Holiday would make rude comments about her body. Spin revealed she had just given birth so she was self conscious about her post baby body. Things got heavy and the two started fighting! Joseline made them go outside and fight it out! Check that clip out below…

Omg! The drama didn’t stop there! While on stage all hell broke lose and cast members were hit with water balloons! Check out that clip below

Did you want the reunion? Besides the drama and fighting who was the best dressed at the reunion?

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