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Jt I’m fly with it!

Jt stepped out the other day, looking like a baddie. Jt and Saucy Santana hit the town. Rocking a lime green fitted dress with a hint of orange and blue. Lime green nails, with the bag and shoes to match. Jt has always been a fashionable person. Stepping out in the latest fashions. Looking her absoulte best.

The beautiful half of the City Girls was out on the town living it up. Jt and Saucy Santana hit the town for a night of fun and laughter. The two hit the club and turn up. They seem to be having a blast.

Material girl is all i could think of while these two partied. lol They look so happy. Top-tier vibes only.

Dont play with her she not one of them…, period

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