You are currently viewing JT No Bars visual out now

JT No Bars visual out now

Jt had to remind these people how talented she is and dropped a single! Jt has been coming out her shell more and attending celebrity events. Jt opened up in a interview with Angie Martinez about her transition after being released. Jt address it wasn’t easy going from jail to the half way house and once she was home being on lock down during the pandemic.

Whelp sis is BACK OUTSIDE and she stepping on bitchs necks! Jt hit the studio for her NO BARS single. Letting the people know she ls back and just getting started. Since she’s so private people are always in her business worrying about what she really do. Lol

Jt released NO BARS video and gave the fans what they’ve been asking for. She unfortunately lost a very close friend of hers Monica Suh a celebrity stylist, creator and overall a person who motivated JT to step out her comfort zone. Jt dedication her song to Monica reflecting on how genuine she was and how JT was doing everything they talked about before her unexpected tragic passing.

R.I.P Monica continue to watch over JT and push her to be her best! Prayers and condolences to Monica’s family and friends.

Check out the official video for no bars below. Congratulations to Jt for starting an organization that helps women transition from jail. The program will assist in REAL rehabilitation! Helping women find jobs, housing, therapy and people dealing with addiction issues. The process of transitioning can be challenging and JT wants to help others. Which is an amazing! She’s been in there position so she understands how hard it can be. Having good people around helps when making certain changes so go head JT (claps claps).

press play JT/City Girls NO BARS

Jt also made sure she added the City Girls on the single as well. When JT was in jail and saw that City Girls released a song she thought Yung Miami went solo. That wasn’t the case though Yung Miami made sure JT was on ALL the singles for the City Girls! She even started a whole free JT movement and had the world screaming FREE JT. That’s one thing I love about their friendship, they really have each other’s back and go to war for each other. They never let outside haters stop their group, and they support each other in their other business ventures.

**We still waiting on that album release date** Keep killing it lady’s and doing show! I can’t wait to come see them perform live!

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