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Jt’s ready to steals Christmas

Jt posted a new bright green hair style today. With the caption “Ready to Steal Christmas”. Since Jt’s been the “bad guy” for the past few days she decided to dress it up.

Honey it’s everything for me! She beautiful. Her skins glowing, eye makeup up’s cute and I like the diamond touch. And them lips!

A few days ago someone pulled up some old tweets from Jt account. The tweets were jokes of celebrities. At the time JT was just a regular gal. Working jobs and trying find a way! But y’all know how the internet can be! Hints as to why her hairs green like the grinch.

Jt took the backlash but is over it! She recently tweeted how she’s been blocking people. She over everyone talking about it.

Smh y’all leave that woman alone. She didn’t even know the people she was tweeting about at the time. It’s kinda like how everyone comments on celebrities social media yet we don’t know them personally.

Anyway I like the hair. It complements her skin tone.

Photo credit: Jts Instagram and Jts Twitter

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