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Just a kid from Akron!

Just a kid from Akron but an inspiration to millions! LeBron James and his lakers team accepted their championship rings.

This is LeBron’s fourth championship ring! He’s the goat on and off the court! Not only is LeBron a talented player. He’s a blessing for many!

LeBron provides opportunities to families in the Akron area. LeBron has his Ipromise school, his housing units for students who were once homeless and he just brought Tangiers! A rental hall just a few blocks from his school. LeBron plans on expanding the building and turning it into a community learning space!

LeBron is ALWAYS giving back to our city! And we will forever love and support him and ANY team he plays for! Congratulations! You deserve it. A beautiful artist added the late Kobe Bryant to LeBron’s picture! Kobe’s probably in heaven smiling at his team’s success.

Congratulations LA Lakers!

Photo credit: LeBron instagram and Instagram story and The Lakers Instagram page

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