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Kenneka Jenkins Family Settlement lawsuit over

Omg this was such a devastating story! Prayers to her family and loved ones. I remember my whole city was trying figure out what happened to her and trying to solve her murder. September 10, 2017 Kenneka went missing after attending a hotel party with friends. The whole world was trying to put together the pieces of this mysterious disappearance. Kenneka was eventually found in the hotel’s freezer!

The autopsy report indicated the cause of death was hypothermia. Hypothermia is the condition of having an abnormally low body temperature, typically one that is dangerously low. (Google) Her death was ruled as “accidental”. In 2018 her mother Teresa Martin filled a lawsuit against the Hotel claims negligence and indicated they didn’t do a proper search of hotel for missing teen within 24 hours of her being missing. The lawsuit was for $50 Million for damages.

A settlement was reached in August, Cook County court records show, but it has not been entered on the court docket because attorneys for Kenneka Jenkins’ mother have asked that the terms be sealed from the public, the Chicago Tribunereported.

A judge denied that request Tuesday but asked the mother’s attorney to resubmit the request. A status hearing is scheduled for next week in the case, which had been set for a trial starting Oct. 16, court records show. (

Prayers to Kenneka’s Family and loved ones. We send our deepest condolences. So many people were investigating her story we all prayed that she would be found alive. This is so sad! Sending love and healing. May her beautiful soul rest peaceful.

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