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Lash Brat Presents their 1st Lash A Thon

Congratulations! Lash Bratz had their first but not last Lash A Thon. Taia the owner and CEO of Lash Bratz and Bratz beauty. Taia hand makes organic skin products. I personally have witness her growth!

Im happy to say Im an originally Lash Brat. I use to allow her to apply store brand lashes and one day she told me she wanted to create her own lashes. Taia asked if I’d be interested in trying out her brand and the rest is history! Her Cluster are created and designed by her.

Im very proud of how far she has come. One of the best lash techs in Akron, Ohio. Taia provides individual lashes, strips and semi permanent lashes. During the event guest got to get their lashes done. I tired out the new 16mm with a hint of money green. Taia invited other lash techs to gain new knowledge before opening the event to the public.

The event was very successful. She had endless mimosas. A lovely brunch, with fruit, potatoes, eggs, Turkey sausage and more. The spread was catered by a fellow Akron Chief, Ms. Meisha Rose Brooks. ( Facebook name)

Food by Meisha press play

Very proud of Taia. Your hard work is paying off! CEO is just one of the crowns she wears! Congrats again and many more blessings. check out more pictures from her Lash A Thon below.

Bre Champ was also a Lash Tech in attendance. Shes a traveling Lash Tech and Hair stylist. Ms. Bre offers Lash Strips and she has lash care products to help maintain your lashes.

Tayia Bryant another Lash tech at the event offers stip lashes and cluster lashes. She has a verity of styles to choose from. From natural looks to bold looks. She apply the lashes for clients and sell her strip lashes.

D’s Lash Effect was also in the building. Providing top notch Mink individuals lashes and clusters with a unique style. She also has a great verity lengths start off at 15mm and goes up to 27mm. Lashes last about 2 weeks!

Congratulations ladies. Im so proud of you all, keep going! This is just the beginning. Its wonderful to see beautiful Black entrepreneurs supporting each other!

Business cards of the lash techs.

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