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Learn when to shut the fuck up!

It’s okay to shut the fuck up! I’m learning this as well. Everyone knows I’m open with my supports and honest about my trails and tribulations. I feel me being real allows my listeners to get closer to me!
So boom I’m learning to shut the fuck up! When you’re growing and trying to heal I noticed people tend to provoke you. They start arguments and push your buttons hoping to get a reaction out of you! Learn when to shut up and not entertain the negativity.

When you’re healing the devil send people to knock you off your goals and bring you back the old you. Don’t fall for it! Don’t allow anyone to take you out of character. Understand you’re triggers and learn when/ when not to react. Unfortunately not everyone want to see you do good. They like to make you look crazy so they can play victim. Pay attention to your energy around people. Avoid people who bring out the worst in you!

And it’s not about being “scary” it’s just learning what not to entertain. Why surround yourself with people who bring out the dark side of you? Why waste your time arguing with someone who only sees their point of view?

Unfortunately not every one listens to comprehend, they listen to respond. Think about it have you ever explained a situation to someone yet they only saw their view? It’s because their mind is made up! And once someone‘s mind is made up it’s hard to change it and you shouldn’t have to!

Take accountability for your actions, learn who and what pisses you off. Learn how to control your anger and mouth. People will forgive you but they won’t forget what you said. It can also change how someone views and deals with you as well. It’s okay to not reply to a smart ass comments, especially when you know a person is trying to get you to argue.

Just shut the fuck up! Don’t block your blessings because you engaged in a pointless argument full of yelling. Think about how much energy it takes to yell with someone. Nothing gets resolved and now you’re pissed. Elevation require separation! It’s okay to be alone and learn yourself. It’s okay to find what makes you happy!

You have the right to NOT entertain bullshit! Stop wasting time and energy on situations that’s not going to matter 5 years from now. Accept people for who they are and move accordingly. Be honest with yourself! Learn what triggers you, and learn to deal with your flaws, it maybe hard but eventually you’ll find peace with oneself and become the higher you!

Br blessed and don’t stress, meditation, working out can also help relieve anger! Deal with that shit head on so you can grow! And never allow people to use your flaws against you! Once you learn your flaws and accept them, then put fourth the effort to change NOBODY can use it against you! You won’t even care. Probably laugh in their face. Lol subscribe to my YouTube channel DeAnna Kay for Volgs and episodes! Thank you

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