You are currently viewing LeBron James crashes Ipromise kids last day of school.

LeBron James crashes Ipromise kids last day of school.

How cool would it be to walk down the hall way of school and boom one of the greatest basketball players walks right pass you! Well today thats what happened to the students at I Promise Elementary school. Many of you know by now Mr. James pours into his home town! His basically everyone in Akron’s cousins. lol

I Promise school is located in Akron, Ohio. Education has always been important to LeBron so he opened a school to help the youth. LeBron took time out of his busy schedule to surprise the students and staff.

He’s currently in town filming his movie. LeBron has blocked off part of Spring Hill Projects, were he was born and raised. Unfortunately Spring Hill Projects were not the best living conditions back then. Since LeBron has invested in renovations for his old home.

We cant wait to see his movie. Thank you LeBron for all that you do for Akron and our community.

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