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Look Up Kids and say Cheese

Parents know how hard it is to get a perfect picture with three kids! Fathers day was this past Sunday and G Herbo shared a few flicks of his mimi me’s and himself.

YoSohn, Essex and Baby Emmy look so cute with their daddy. Yosohn cant help but to make silly faces while Essex is looking like bro chilli. lol His personality is so big! His children are so beautiful. G Herbo loves he children. They always look happy when their spending time together.

Check out more pictures below. I got these off of his Instagram but when i went back they were deleted! Wonder if Ari called upset demanding him take the pictures down. Who knows baby momma and baby daddy drama is never ending roller coaster its better to mind our business! Any way happy Father’s Day!

All his children favor. Such a cute family! Y’all know i have a a soft spot for good dads.

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