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Make her feel special even when you have her!

I recently reported Big Sean was releasing a clothesline! Well he took to Instagram to show his lady some love! Even after you get the woman or man you want it’s okay to still flirt with them! I was trolling like I do often to report the hottest stories and Big Sean was flirting with bae in the comments!

Even though the two had their ups and downs their really cute together. Big Sean’s captions “Twinning twin flame” says a lot about his love for Jhené Eaiko! If you’re into spiritual health a twin flames is “better” than a soul mate! It’s like you’re equal. Someone who knows the real inner you and not afraid to love your flaws. That person acknowledges you’re flaws, and create a space to overcome them and be a better you!

Congratulations on the new clothing line and much love and happiness to them both!

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