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Megan Thee Stallion speaks out about being shot!

Updated! 8/20/2020; Megan identities Troy Lanes as the shooter! Check out the live she posted and now is deleted! Thanks to The Shade Room & Holly Wood Unlocked for the recording…
We appreciate you. Xoxo
Megan Thee Stallion finally spoke out about being shot! A while back Megan was in the car with a friend and Tory Lanes! They were pulled over and upon exiting the vehicle Megan needed medical treatment. Megan was shot in the foot but no reports on WHO shot her but she went on Instagram to clear the air and she has identified Troy Lanes as the shooter! Video below

Megan was very traumatize by the shooting. She even went on Instagram live thanking people who have stuck by her side and took up for her while the internet made jokes about it! Megan started crying because she felt alone. Unfortunately Megan’s mother and grandmother is deceased and they were the closest people to her!

Look at what Megan had to say below as well as very graphic pictures of her injuries…

Prayers are still in order to Megan that she makes a full recovery and get back to work in due time! Love you Meg

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