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New Curfew Aet and maybe a lockdown!

Ohio’s Governor Mike is putting his food down! He recently tweeted and did a press conference stating we have a curfew! The new Curfew will start tomorrow November 19th at 10pm until 5am. The curfew is set in place for the next 21 days!

Of course people who work 3rd shift will be able to go to work. If you need medical attention you can do so. He believes setting a curfew will reduce the spread of COVID 19. Number of death rise daily! With elderly and children now getting sick at higher rates.

People also fear the cancellation of Thanksgiving. They want no more than six people in one home at a time! Welp I know my family can’t comply! It’s already 10 children not including my parents or my son! Lol this is an issue for many Americans who hoped to see family this holiday season.

Unfortunately the spread of COVID is raising so please wash your hands, wear mask, stay 6 feet apart and stay home if possible! God bless

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