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New Moon New Beginnings!

New Moon New Beginnings! The new moon is here! And hopefully the retrograde didn’t treat you to bad! Unfortunately during retrograde communication is often off. Relationships are tested. That includes intimate relationships as well as friendships. Conflict will occur. Irritation can be at a all time high, being late and plans not going accordingly.

Retrograde is also a time for self reflection. Self love and manifesting our life. You’ll be tested by many different things that require you to change. (Shadow work) You ever noticed before your blessings come every thing seems to be “falling apart”. Well if you listen and do the proper work every thing will actually fall in place!

But you have to be willing to let go of things and people who no longer serve you. Unfortunately them people or things happened to be things we “love”. A relationship that should have BEEN ended but your holding on to it even though it’s causing pain and problems! That dead end job. The list can go on. You just have that feeling that things must change! The point of it all is to let go of the old and make room for the new.

“you can’t welcome new blessings while holding onto old baggage”

Although it may hurt it has to be done in order to move to the next level in your life. Changing your habits. Holding yourself accountable. Actually focusing on your goals and falling back from unnecessary stress. Learning to be happy with one’s company and knowing just because your alone doesn’t mean your lonely.

Here’s a message for a few signs below on how you may be affected by the New Moon. This may or may not apply to you!


“This new moon is inspiring you to get out there and connect with people, Sagittarius. You’re turning over a new leaf when it comes to your social circles, so you may find yourself taking the lead on making plans with your squad or even becoming acquainted with some new clubs or communities. Building a sense of camaraderie with others is an important way for you to connect with this lunar energy.” (Bustle)


“This new moon is serving pure passion and romance for you, Gemini — so if you’re looking to dive into the dating scene and get your flirt on, now’s your chance. If you’re in a relationship, make an effort to re-light the spark with your partner by planning a flirty dress-up date night, doing something creatively stimulating together, or picking up a joint hobby that’ll bring you closer.” (Bustle)


“Things are shifting in your closest relationships now, Aries. If you’re already in a committed relationship, this is a powerful time to turn over a new leaf with your partner and embark on a more aligned emotional journey together. If you’re single or dating, the new moon could bring an opportunity to commit to someone new (or at least get in touch with what qualities you want to commit to). Keep your heart open.”…(Bustle)

To read more on how the new moon will affect your sign click the link below.

enjoy and stay grounded!

•the information for each reading came from” thank you for the information!

•pictures from Google

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