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New Music alert!

New Music alert! Y’all know I love to how support upcoming artists and Jasmine 3x has a new single out called Lair.

Many woman can relate to this song. Jasmine speaks on being in a emotional roller coaster with a lying ass man. The story telling, the secrets, excuses, some of us all of us know this story to well. Breaking up with a man can never tell the truth. Smh y’all know the type lady’s.

I love the smooth vibe of the song. She flows with the melody and sets the perfect tone. Check out the single below! It’s out now on all music platforms! Jasmine 3X is an unsigned artist in Akon, Ohio. She’s also a radio personality on Speaker Leakers World wide. Beautiful and talented. Make sure y’all subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow on social media!

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