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New Music from CeeLynise and Vonte Da Chaser

New Ceelynise just dropped! Y’all know I try to support my local artists and Ceelynise is one artist I support. She just released a new song called “Fed up”

Ceelynise has always supported me and I try to return the favor. She’s back with that raw uncut music. She’s always been different from over female artists. Her style, flow and her charisma on the beat is fire!

Ceelynise has linked with another dope artist from Akron, he goes by Vonte Da Chaser. Chaser talks about the struggles he faces as a black man and trying make it out. He also spoke on not giving up even when your down because it doesn’t last forever.

Check out “ Fed Up” by Ceelynise ft Vonte Da Chaser

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