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New Music JT; Sideways

JT from the City Girls group released her new anticipated song Sideways. She released a snippet on Tik Tok and the sound went viral. She finally gave the fans what they wanted. Don’t get it twisted she still apart of the City Girls. She made that clear in the song before people started to assume. Both lady’s have made it clear the group with remain but they can do solo projects as well.

JT looks fabulous as always. She has a sexy yet chic style. JT dares to be different in everything she does. From her style of rap, her word play and fire bars. She’s very talented. Doing things her own way and showcasing her lyrical style. JT has a unique style with her flow. She has a wonderful way of being sarcastic but still getting her point across. She currently trending at number 10 on YouTube.

How did you like Sideways? JT address not being friendly with people. Staying in her own lane, and living her best life. Pretty, put up and paid is 2024 mood. Big checks and no stress. Set trends and be lavishly.. Muah xoxo

Check out the single below and tell me what you think..

JT Sideways

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