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New zodiac overall readings!

New Article Alert! I will now offer Zodiac overall readings! It’s something someone asked me to do and it took a while because it’s hard to find someone with genuine intentions. But with some research I found someone who I trust! I’ll add her Facebook if anyone wants a more personal readings but here’s an overview for all signs! Enjoy

Now I have to let everyone know that this may or may not apply to you! Please understand this advice should be used at your own will and Me nor Ashley is responsible for anything you do with this information! Thank you!

🎉🎉🌨🧿INNERG check in 🌨👁✨🎉🎉

Please understand this is a collective read , it will not and can not apply to everybody. If it doesn’t resonate check your other signs in your chart. This is a simple zodiac energy check in, I keep it real. No sugar coating 🧐 remember check your sun moon rising & venus signs🔆🔍

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(this is her information from the post)

I’ll start with Sagittarius because that’s my sign and go from there! Now I may use different people or different websites each time I post for Zodiac readings! Please feel free to contact the person directly via social media or through their website links for a more personal understanding. Thank you!

Thank you Ashley for the overall readings of the zodiac signs! I appreciate the insight…please follow her for more information!

Photo credit and readings from Ashley Thomas’s Facebook page

*Be safe this Mercury retrograde!

thank you

**Again use this advice at your own risk and convenience **

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