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Nicki Minaj shows off her real hair!

Nicki Minaj posted on Instagram to ask fans should she perm her beautiful natural hair. I say HELL NO! Being natural is Challenging but worth it! Look how full of life it is!

I’m a natural gal myself and my hair is super thick so I understand but nope! Just do a silk press sis. I also want to say congratulations to Nicki as well. The Pink Print turned 10 years old recently!

Tens years ago The Pink Print was released. This whole album was fire. It sat records and featured some of the hottest artists.

Multiple favorites Including “Fly” featuring the beautiful Rihanna. “Dear Old Nicki” an personal song to her old self. Nicki reflected on her growth as a artists. The same growth that got her signed and became legendary in the music industry!

Congratulations Nicki! And our season is here! Sagittarius gang! She has a birthday coming up 12/08. Mimes is 12/02. Feel free to send gifts. Lol

Always remember to chase you’re goals! You only fail if you give up! Peace and blessings…. DeAnna Kay

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