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Prayers to Jessica Ross: A doctor decapitated her baby during the delivery

Omg sending prayers and our deepest condolences to Jessica Ross, TreVeon Taylor (the father of the child) and their family. Jessica and TreVeon were expecting a boy bundle of joy, which was going to be a Junior. Unfortunately the delivery went wrong. According to the lawsuit filed Dr. Tracey forcefully pulled the head of Jessica baby causing the head to be decapitated from the baby’s body!

Jessica went to Southern Regional Medical Center Riverdale July 9th to deliver her baby boy. After 10 hours of labor she was ready to push. That’s when Dr. Tracey begin to deliver their baby boy this took a turn for the worst. According to reports:

“The baby stopped descending because of shoulder dystocia while being delivered vaginally, meaning the baby’s shoulders could not fit through the pelvic area, the lawsuit said. 

Dr. Tracey St. Julian reportedly attempted to deliver the baby vaginally using different methods, including applying traction to the baby’s head.

“In the process of trying to deliver this baby pulled on the head and neck so hard, and manipulated them so hard, that the bones in the baby’s skull face and neck were broken,” Roderick Edmond, one of Ross’ attorneys said during a news conference.” (New York Post)

What happened next is even more horrifying! At around 11:50 p.m., St. Julian decided to perform a STAT Cesarean section. The baby’s body and legs were delivered at 12:11 a.m. and the baby’s head was delivered vaginally.”

The lawsuit alleges that the hospital discouraged Ross and the baby’s father, Treveon Taylor, from seeking an autopsy, instead telling them to have their son cremated in lieu of taking him to a funeral home. 

During a press conference their spoke on their behalf stating;

“They did everything in their power to not let the family know what happened,” Lynch said. 

In addition, St. Julian, who is also named in the lawsuit, “grossly negligently applied excessive traction on Treveon Isiah Taylor Jr.’s head and neck and grossly negligently failed to do a Cesarean section in a timely and proper manner, resulting in Treveon Isaiah Taylor Jr.’s decapitation and death,” the lawsuit said. 

The hospital told Fox News Digital said it was unable to discuss the care and treatment of patients, citing patient privacy laws.”

Their lawyer concluded his statement in the press conference by saying

“Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with the family and all those impacted by this tragic event. Our prayers also remain with the dedicated team of physicians, nurses and staff at Southern Regional Medical Center who cared for this patient,” the hospital said in a statement. 

“While our sympathies go out to the family, Southern Regional Medical Center denies the allegations in the Complaint referencing the hospital. Since this matter is in litigation, we cannot provide additional statements. As far as Dr. St Julian, she is not an employee of the hospital. The hospital has taken the appropriate steps in response to this unfortunate situation.” (Jessica & TreVeon’s Lawyer)

we send our prayers and deepest condolences to the family. May you get Justice for your TreVeon Taylor Jr. As this story updates I’ll keep everyone posted. I pray they don’t not allow the hospital to cover us their child’s tragic passing. As well as bring awareness to other doctors to be more careful when delivering child or csection when needed to keep both the mother and child safe. Sending prayers.

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