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Prayers to The Stafford Men

Sending prayer for strength and their mental health. De’Shawn and Tyler Stafford was sentenced yesterday for the death of Ethan. De’Shawn was sentenced to 18 months in prison for aggravated assault. Tyler was sentenced six months in jail for assault. Both men received the maximum sentence. The victim, Ethan Liming, died from blunt force trauma after being punched during a fight that occurred after he shot the brothers with a SplatRBall gun.

Prayers to both men. The situation all around is horrible. Ethan lost his life for a prank that went wrong. The Stafford men are going to jail for protecting themselves. Prayers for their mental health.

A Summit County jury found the brothers not guilty of involuntary manslaughter last month in the beating death of Liming, an attack that came after Liming repeatedly shot at them with a water-pellet gun in the parking lot of the I Promise School in Akron on June 2, 2022.

On Thursday, Bill Liming showed the Stafford brothers evidence pictures of his son’s beaten and bloodied body.

“How am I supposed to feel?” he said. “My son was brutally assaulted and was killed by the actions of three men because he made a bad choice to fool around with a child’s water toy. And the jury somehow called that self-defense.” (Ethan’s mother)

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