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Prayers to Wendy Williams

Sending our love and prayers to Wendy Williams the Queen of Day time television. Wendy is currently going through a very difficult time in life. If you remember Wendy had some type of attack on stage and fell out during a live show! She stepped back from her Hit Show Wendy Williams to focus on her health. After multiple test Wendy was diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia.

Since then we barley saw her out, and when we did she didn’t look her best. You could tell she was having health issues by her weight and face. Prayers to Wendy! We love you and pray you get better.

Unfortunately the world watched as her life became a movie. The life of Wendy and how she became the biggest name in radio. The movie showed how started off in radio and then took over day time television. The story of Wendy’s come up in the entertainment industry was hit! It showed the good, bad and ugly truths we didn’t know.

It also shinned a light on her cheating husband and how difficult it was for her to get over her divorce. The movie showed how hard she fought to make our marriage work, even taking him back after she found out about the cheating. She unfortunately turned to drugs and alcohol to cope. Her husband took damn near ALL her money and left her with almost NOTHING! Since the husband is broke! Well now Life time is back with a update on Wendy Williams since she’s been MIA.

After finding out about her health Wendy stop doing her talk show to focus on her health. The new Life Time movie will focus on where’s Wendy’s Now. Fans have shown concern after her fall on live tv. The two part documentary will show Wendy in a very Vulnerable space.

There’s a clip of Wendy and Angela white (Black Chyna) speaking from the new documentary. Wendy had no wig on. You can tell on her face her health isn’t the best. It’s so sad seeing Wendy like this. She was always happy and full of life talking shit. Giving advice. Wendy was the type to tell you what you needed to hear not what you wanted to hear yet she showed loved. Sending Prayers to Wendy!

check out the clip below the new documentary will air February 24th and and will be two parts on Lifetime… will you be watching?

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