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Quality Control speaks out on Take-Offs passing

Quality Control music management released an official statement after the passing of artist Take-Off. Take-Off is 1/3 of the rap group Migos. Quality Control signed the group in 2013. The founders Kevin and Pierre knew the Migos had a unique style that would be legendary for the hip-hop culture.

At this time they asked for prayers, as well as respect for his family while they mourn the loss of the beloved artist. Take-Off was known as the quiet, laid back one out the group. He was known for how he articulated his lyrics. Along with his unique delivery and style. Many artists took to social media to share their condolences.

Unfortunately the Migos recently broke up and released solo projects . Take-Off and Quavo stayed a duo, while Off-Set started his solo career. Take-Off and Quavo were recently at a interview with Drunk Champs and Nori asked if the group would ever reunite. Both agreed the “bag” (money) would have to be right. The group never disclose why they broke up but allegedly loyalty played a role for the split.

Prayers to Quality Control family. Take-Offs family, friends and fans. The hip-hop culture lost a great artist over senseless violence. Take-Off was only 28 years old. Sending love and our deepest condolences.

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