You are currently viewing Racism is alive on Kent State University Campus!

Racism is alive on Kent State University Campus!

Imagine trying to better yourself and get a good education from a college who has as good Academic reviews yet you have to face racism! During my trolling on social media I found a very upset student! She posted pictures of a Black Lives Matter (BLM) rocks that were vandalized with “White Lives Matter” over it!

How would you feel after paying thousands of dollars to go to a school who doesn’t even value you’re life! I understand we all have the right for our freedom of speech but where do we draw the line? How can we make ALL students feel safe while on campus?

This saying says “it’s okay to be white”! Like people have a choice on what race they can be! Even though these are intelligent college students their ignorance is standing out! The school has yet to release a statement but from the comments on this young woman’s post the “Deen doesn’t care nor will they do anything about this”!

I’m sure once people see this it’s going to discourage them to enroll at Kent State University.

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