You are currently viewing Ray J Speaks out about Sex Tape With Kim K; we set it up!

Ray J Speaks out about Sex Tape With Kim K; we set it up!

Ray J is speaking out about his sex tape with Kim K! Ray J says the whole thing is set up! The Kardashian’s show Keeping up with the Kardashians’s has returned to Hulu. Last weeks episode shows Kim getting ready for Saturday night Live and dealing with the Sex Tape situation. Allegedly Kanye West took a red eye flight the night before to retrieve the computer and hard drive of part two of the tape.

Kim cried as Kanye bring the suit of the computer right before the show! Seems like a coincidence…. right?! If you keep up with The Kardashians than you know somethings are scripted. Well this is allegedly one of them times! Ray J spoke out after the episode and called BS! After years of going with their plan he’s over it.

Ray J spoke out and stated from the beginning the Sex tape was planned. “I mean all of this is all a lie. From the beginning of us putting this sex tape out, this has been the biggest lie in the industry in the history of entertainment.” (Ray J) According to him this was a deal between Himself, Kim and her mother Kris!

Screenshot below!

What do you guys think? Do you believe this was all a master plan? Look at what else Ray J said below…

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