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Rejection is NOT REAL

Rejection is NOT REAL. Rejection is an emotion and sometimes we don’t know where the emotions start and end. With new energy coming in the releasing of what no longer serves you. You may find yourself alone at this time. We are in a phase where we’er ready for the things we prayed for! I mean how long do we have to wait!? You pray on it, work towards it get a few steps ahead but its still slow!

Slow motion is better than no motions! Just don’t give up! This morning i woke up determined to go harder! Push my articles MORE. Strategizing new ideas, different ways to reach my goals. One person I like to listen to when Im in my mood is Eric Thomas. Motivational speaker who brings people inspiration. Check this quick video out below!

Remember its multiple ways to reach your goals. Never limit yourself… Stay blessed and trust God, and trust the process! Like i always say “God didn’t bring you this far to only come this far”! Keep going!

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