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RIP to Jerry Springer!

Aww sending our prayers out to the family of Jerry Springer. The Legendary TV show host. Most of us grew up watching The Jerry Springer Show. Day time Tv full of action. Jerry exposed cheating couples, Lie detector test and more! This was a time when people could talk about their issues then fight it out!

Springer — whose real name is Gerald Norman Springer — was born Feb. 13, 1944, in London during World War II to parents Richard and Margot, German Jews who had fled to England to escape the Holocaust. The family later moved to the Queens neighborhood of New York City when Springer was just a few years old.He studied political science at Tulane University and later received a law degree from Northwestern University.

Springer is best known for his always controversial “Jerry Springer” talk show, which ran in syndication for 27 years from 1991 to 2018 and aired nearly 5,000 episodes. 

Long Live Jerry Springer. You’ll be truly missed. We appreciate you for going up great memorable shows.

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