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Rod Wave has Fans concerned after suicidal song

Rod Wave fans are concerned after his release a song called Nirvana. From the lyrics it sounds like a suicidal message! Fans are calling his booking line and the mailbox is full. Writing on his Instagram page and dm! One part of the lyrics talk about taking pills trying to overdose. Leaving his home without his gun and tomorrow being doomsday! Please pray for Rod!

He deactivated his Instagram and Twitter but reactivated and left a message for his fans that he’s okay! But we don’t believe him! Mental illness is real! Just because someone acts like every thing is okay doesn’t mean it is! All the money, cars, clothes etc can’t replace peace of mind!

I personally want to let Rod know I’m a huge fan! His music helps me in my difficult times of life! It makes me know someone else understand me and not to give up! Rod your children, your family and your fans need you! Your mind is playing tricks on you! You’re loved, your important and your needed!

Please just take a break from this shit! Go find your peace! Build a new relationship with your higher power and learn what makes you happy again! Read more books on self healing, get some crystals and remove people who mean you no good! Prayers to Rod wave his fans are truly scared for his life

I pray you get the help you require! Prayers and sending love! Xoxo.

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