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Run Me My Money!

Run me my money! Boosie is calling Artists out for stealing his songs! Boosie has called out Rod Wave and Kodak Black for stealing his songs word for word. Boosie told Rod he would sue him for not compensation for using his song Dear God I thank you. Well Rod went to X (Twitter) to let Boosie know if he gave him a price he would pull up and pay him. Check out Rod song VS Boosie and tell me what you think, as well as Rods response.

Should Rod Wave have paid him and credited him as a writer on the song? Is Boosie tripping? Artist make money off their music and since Boosie is independent that’s his money he’s missing out on. Boosie has been in the industry for a while and it’s time people give him his flowers for his contribution to Hip Hop Music Culture.

The track came from one of Boosie’s classic album’s! Every Boosie album is a classic Boo been making hits! Run him his money! Below is the song Kodak Black used without his permission. He has yet to respond but do you think Boosie should be compensated? They both used his song word for word. Comment you’re thoughts below.

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