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Sexy Red sexy tape leaked!

Sexy Red Unfortunately got her sex tape leaked! Late last night fans saw a homemade video of a guy recording Sexy while they had intercourse on her Instagram. The video has since been deleted but is still making it’s around Twitter (now know as X). Sexy spoke out and said she’s heart broken because she would never expose herself in that manner.

It’s so lame to expose someone! And sexy gotta stop messing with these clot chasing men. Out of respect for her I won’t post it on my site but if you go on Twitter and type her name you’ll find it. The video wasn’t bad. She did look uninterested in the sex, her moans even sounded fake. He was to busy recording he ain’t even fuck her right! Ugh, (rolls eyes) Sending love to Sexy. No one deserves to be exposed no matter how explicit their lyrics are.

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